Scary secrets in the banking – finance world

Europe more than 200 years ago …

At that time, it was said that there was a force that was directing all major and small events in the world, silently controlling all activities of humanity. They are not military or economic superpowers like the US, Russia or China. They were members of 13 clans called the “Council of 13”, which came from a mystical organization against Christianity named Illuminati. If you believe in the conspiracy theory, it is a secret society with the purpose of creating events and re-establishing the new world order, including many names like Rockefeller (oil empire), Morgan (who owns the largest private gold reserve in the world) … In Council 13, there is one of the most powerful families, the Rothschild family, prevailing all over others …

The Rothschild family consists of 5 children who are bankers. They do not use military power but use a banking empire to enforce their power. They control half of global money, controlling banks around the world, including FED Federal Reserve, United States. They are symbols of money, lord of the financial center, but also those who have cornered the financial market, manipulated governments, sponsored many wars, including Napoleon’s war and England, and the currency war between the United States and the UK central bank.

The Fintech war

21st century world …

At the time of the 4.0 industrial revolution, there was another war. It was a technological war between banks: the Fintech war, a war that took place in the digital space, which is still thought to be involved with the Rothschild family.

Before the 4.0 revolution, the world was accustomed to the concept of gold standard, foreign currency (USD, GBP). But when blockchain technology was invented, a new currency was born, Cryptocurrency, notably Bitcoin, which could not be controlled by any government, a blood coin that has caused much turbulence in the money market.

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin once asked the question, “Will the Rothschild family control the cryptocurrency?” Even so far, no one knows who is behind the Bitcoin other than the mystic name Satoshi Nakamoto. Is it a person connected to the Rothschild family?

Although some Rothschild family information has support cryptocurrency, it all stops at conspiracy theory.

The introduction of the encryption money that comes with the ICO Initial Coin Offering, also known as the “crowdsale“, when a company releases its own cryptocurrency with the aim of mobilizing funding. Another war began: the war between black and white, the ICO scam.

Lack of control, vague information leading to many ICO scams. The 10 most advanced ICO scams stole an incredible amount of $687,425,000. In Vietnam, the biggest ICO scam is the fraud of Pincoin and iFan, a multi-level business group of Vietnam, amounting to 100 million USD.

Accompanying the ICO scam is a successive history of hacking and Bitcoin scams.

8/2011: MyBitcoins e-wallet service disappeared from the Internet

In 2014, Mt.Gox, the world’s leading Bitcoin trading platform, was knocked down by hackers. 850,000 Bitcoin evaporates equivalent to US $ 450 million. The culprit is a Russian hacker

8/2016, Bitfinex floor was attacked, 120,000 Bitcoin has disseminated. Surprisingly, hackers hacked into accounts protected by multisignature – an advanced security method at the time. It seems that thick tangerine shells always have pointed nails

Not only Blockchain, other technologies such as AI, RPA, BigData have also been used by banks, creating a technological race that anyone who is lagged behind will pay dearly.

Today, we do not always have a thick wallet of cash to buy and sell. With applications such as Alipay, Samsung pay, perhaps people only need 1 smartphone to buy the whole world within 1 note.

Not only competing, banks usually have alliances to deal with stronger opponents. Standard Chartered has shook hands with China’s Alipay to launch a digital remittance service using blockchain technology to send money across borders quickly with cheap prices. This alliance reminds me of Zhuge Liang’s “Federation of Anti-Wei” strategy.

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Do Trong Nguyen

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