Last week, CyRadar’s system continued to detect many other phishing campaigns.

A partial list of newly registered phishing domains.

Two weeks ago, CyRadar warned users about VPBank impersonation campaigns.

With the Malware Graph technology and actively looking for phishing domain names, CyRadar has detected more than 100 newly registered phishing domain names in the last 1-2 days in the same server system of this hacker group.

These domain names are mainly used to trick victims into providing sensitive information such as ID card number, date of birth, bank account number, Facebook password,…

Website interface phishing sensitive information.

Or even websites that sell counterfeit money.

Website interface selling counterfeit money.

Every week, CyRadar’s system detects thousands of domain names phishing Vietnamese users which is similar to those above. According to statistics, we discovered the frequency of phishing domain names targeting Vietnamese banks is increasing recently.

It seems that phishing users and targeting banks in Vietnam are helping hackers gain significant illicit profits.

Advice for users:

  • Users should only enter their username, password and OTP code on the homepage of the bank.
  • The Facebook account, password, zalo should only log in on the homepage of the provider.
    Pay special attention when receiving messages, emails with winning content, phishing, transferring money…

Source: CyRadar

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