In the afternoon of July 17, 2019, VioEdu online educational system and FPT Schools Cau Giay had hosted a signing ceremony to celebrate their collaboration in bringing about a 4.0 education experience for FPT Students and their parents.

VioEdu collaborates with FPT Schools Cau Giay in its path to 4.0 education

The ceremony had welcomed Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, FPT Vice-CTO.

Representing FPT Schools Cau Giay were Mrs. Pham Thi Khanh Ly – The school headmaster, along with the schools’ core teachers and officials from all departments.

VioEdu’s representatives include Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc – Head of ViOlympic Center, Dr. Dao Trong Tuyet – Professor at the Academy of Finance, as well as representatives from the content department, specialists and VioEdu’s developers.

VioEdu is an online learning platform using 4.0 technology and Adaptive Learning, developed by FPT Technology Innovation Department with their rich experiences derived from past projects (like ViOlympic), with the ultimate aim is to create good learning and teach experiences for all involved parties (students, parents, and teachers).

This is an Edtech platform suitable for elementary and junior high students, with study levels divided according to the Vietnamese curriculum. Integrated with the online exercise and test system are the newest technologies like knowledge graph-modeling, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. This is all to amplify the individual experience that are most suitable to each student, rectify their weaknesses, as well as amplify their strengths.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO had shared: “We have been developing this project for a long time, and the first version had finally come to light 2 years ago. Ever since ViOlympic’s positive impacts, we have been thinking about an adaptive personize education, where parents can assist their children in their quest for knowledge. With the education platform, we strive to reduce needed study time, while at the same time, improve the results.  It will also help in identifying the students’ weaknesses and strengths, as well as provide effective incentives.”

Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO.

A VioEdu trial over 2,000 students had shown great results: 95% of students had their weaknesses and strengths correctly identified, while 73.8% of students shown improvements in study results.

Mr. Le Hong Viet had also expressed: “With the great assistance of the group’s leaders, the system will officially come into use during August. It is our great honor to earn the trust and collaboration or FPT Schools Cau Giay so that our effort can come to fruition. We also hold the technology and its capabilities for education in high hopes.”

While technology is the body, content is VioEdu’s soul. Dr. Dao Trong Tuyet – Head of project content team had shared: “The lessons on VioEdu had it is content close to the path established by the Ministry of Education and Training, with their contents coming from the leading professors and specialists at the Department of Education and Training and various universities. Thorough research was done to ensure the quality of lessons, and they were made to cater to each grade, for efficient grasping of basic knowledge as well as more advanced practices.”

Dr. Dao Trong Tuyet – Head of project content team.

In  expressing the school’s view to establish Smart Education and become a leading school in applying new educational technology, Mrs. Pham Thi Khanh Ly, Headmaster of FPT Schools Cau Giay had share: “FPT Schools Cau Giay is proud to become a pioneer in using FPT’s technology for FPT Students, and will make sure that every student will gain access to them. VioEdu fits right into the school’s target of making artificial intelligence a common thing to all students and parents and is also an important step in the school’s path to digital transformation. FPT Schools Cau Giay strives for proactive and creative learning and an overall 4.0 education. As a student, I myself  had also used VioEdu, and was pleasantly surprised to discover all its uses and benefits.”

Mrs. Pham Thi Khanh Ly – Headmaster of FPT Schools Cau Giay.

FPT School Cau Giay had always put the effort into utilizing learning and teaching technology: from the use of paperless lesson plans, to the current VioEdu for the school year 2019-2020. From August 2019, the system will official go into operations for all grades at FPT Schools Cau Giay.

Phuong Thao

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