It’s apparent that with the ability to gather and analyze massive amounts of data, machines can totally catch up with human. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, FPT Software’s Akaminds® Machine Translation (AMT) can translate Vietnamese to Japanese with up to 80% accuracy, an accuracy rate similar to that of a translator with 1-2 years of experience.

AI Technology is the brain

Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT) is a smart translation system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the basis of Neural Network Technology, which is researched, applied and developed by FPT Software.

AMT is able to translate IT-related materials, which support “comtors” and the project teams in the business environment. Akaminds Machine Translation has functions that are similar to those of Google Translate: Sentence and text translation, as well as business functions such as user management and project management.

The term “Comtor” came from FPT Software, which is at first only used internally. As the IT field strengthens its cooperation with Japanese enterprises, however, “comtor” became a popular term, and is now a common term for technical interpreters and translators in software development companies.

AMT can translate Japanese into Vietnamese with up to 80% accuracy.

In particular, Akaminds® Machine Translation uses the Google neural machine translation (GNMT), which was launched by Google in November 2016. This technology can translate whole sentences at a time, unlike the Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), which can only translate using words and phrases. GNMT is superior to SMT in that it can understand the meaning and context of sentences, instead of using its database to translate words and phrases. The process goes like this: GNTM will first encode individual words in a sentence, then will turn the gathered data into a numerical format called context, after the processing of the entire sentence, the context will then be sent to the decoder in order to generate words in the translated sentence.

This system supports Japanese-Vietnamese translation through Workplace’s chatbot platform, and also supports translations for texts in pptx, docx, xlsx, html and various other formats, with sizes up to 50 MB. Additionally, for documents in Office 2007 and above, the translations will match the source format.

On the scale with other products

Compared to Google, a similar product, Akaminds Machine Translation has several signature advantages in that it ensures security; allow users to control their data; guarantee information security, and eliminate chances of information being sold to third parties.

At the moment, the accuracy rate of translations provided by Akaminds Machine Translation ranges about 60-80% in comparison with a translator. In 8 months, over 140 projects had registered for this translation system, which had accounted for 1,700 users, as well as successfully translated 128 million words.

Uptil now, various online translating service are allowing the users to speak or write in sentences that needed to be translated, but they have to expect a lag period. FPT Software’s translation tool, however, can translate almost immediately, and can function similar to a digital version of a translator.

AMT can ensure security, allow users to control their data, guarantee information security, and eliminate chances of information being sold to third parties.

At the moment, Akaminds® Machine Translation is focusing on building a strong knowledge based system in information technology, and in the near future, it will continue to increase translating speed, as well as provide translations for more languages. It will also develop new functions: Image translation and voice translation in order to meet the users’ demand.

“Furthermore, we’d like for Akaminds® Machine Translation to become a widely popular translation tool that will support the translating community both in and out of Fsoft”, Mr. Tran Viet Hung – the founder of the project had shared.

Artificial Intelligence – The future of translation

Professionals had shared that in 1 to 3 years, automatic translation tools based on Neural Machine Translation (NMT) will handle over 50% of the tasks in the translating market, with value amounting to 40 billion dollars. Nowadays, there is an average of 10% of automatically translated documents that needs to be adjusted by human to meet the standards required by Fortune 500 businesses. Just two years ago, however, the percentage of automatically translated documents that needs adjustments was around 80%.

Artificial intelligence – making big steps in translation.

The switch towards smart translation tools based on Neural Machine Translation is the reason to the aforementioned change, and this advanced technology is what Akaminds Machine Translation is using. Before, translating machines translate using words and phrases by looking up and matching them to millions of those in their database that had already been translated, using a statistical phrase-based machine translation method. With today technology, however, documents are translated in whole sentences, then put into context to determine the most accurate meaning (Google Neural Machine Translation – GNMT).

All in all, AMT has utilized the newest developments in artificial intelligence, machinery and neural network, so that its translation system can become faster, more accurate, and more natural.

However, we cannot deny the importance of translators. They can learn how to work with machines, so that they will not have to handle the majority of the work. Rather, they will only need to assess and evaluate the translations provided by machines and to use the correct tool for each specific job.

At FPT, Artificial Intelligence Technology has been thoroughly researched and developed since 2016, with one product being the artificial intelligence platform – FPT.AI with four major modules: FPT.AI Conversation, a conversational platform – with its most popular application being the chatbot;  FPT.AI Speech, the voice identifier and processor service; FPT.AI Vision, which processes photos and documents; and finally FPT.AI Knowledge, a knowledge based system. Besides that, there are high-accuracy warning systems for customers leaving the network, AI applications in tele-communication, and smart support chatbot systems that assists up to 70% of customer interactions in retail…

Phuc Van – FPT Software

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