Paperwork can now be lessened with the use of U-Services, which digitalizes data to input into the ERP system. This helps reduce time for approval, thus increases work efficiency.

From BA Online…

The casual management method prior to 2017 means that every internal inquiry from employees regarding administration, HR, IT… needs to be done via phone or email correspondence. IT employees especially had it hard as they have to record hundreds of inquiries on Excel by hand and filter through various types of errors from multiple departments. The scattering nature of this method means the task is extremely time-consuming, especially in large firms. Prompt solving for these, as such, proves to be extremely challenging.

This calls for a solution, and after 2 years of designing on Excel and 2 years of idea actualization, SSC Portal was officially introduced in late 2015, and was first deployed at FPT Software. At FIS, the SSC (then called BA Online), is a more improved product.

BA Online is an internal services management system operating at FPT Information System, with various advantages including optimal operations and lessened time-consumption.

Official gone live since January 1, 2018, BA Online has now standardized FPT Information System’s internal services, making it the only official channel for inquiries (thus limiting the sources of inquiry down to one), leading to less errors and shorter processing time. Other strengths of BA Online include: automatically delegating inquiries to proper personnel, reducing time to understand workflow; it also means easy supervision, service-level agreements (SLA) and easy provisions of reports for statistics, summary, as well as service improvements.

Ever since its introduction, BA Online had carried out over 100,000 tasks.

Ever since its introduction, BA Online had carried out over 100,000 tasks, provided 85% of in-time ticket processing. Furthermore, it reduces the average decision-making time of BA HO director from 4 hours (according to SLA guarantee), down to 3 hours 1 minute, and completes Jira-related and network/software services in just around 2 hours.

To U-Services

U-Services is the commercial name of the BA Online System currently operated at FPT Information System, and is the result of hard work from Mr. To Trong Hieu and his partners there. The project time has elevated BA Online into U-Services, one “Made by FIS” product with great potential.

Integrated in U-Services are technologies such as: FPT-exclusive Platform Business Process Management, developed on a Java platform. With these, U-Services allows digital signatures from businesses via mobile and laptop. The product is attached to FLOW, and requires no app installation or PDF dragging like other digital signature tools. Integration with external OCR system from firms like ABBYY, FSOFT, FSI Viet Nam… is also possible with API. In addition, U-Services is hardly limited, seeing that it also allows CRM, HR, and property management integration, regardless of modules used.

U-Service has recently grown out of FPT Group as it secured its first external contract with Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group in April 2010. The first 50 forms are expected to be deployed on July 1, 2019, two months ahead of plan.

The leading beverage group of Viet Nam has regarded U-Services as a “Direct paper browsing and lag time reducing” system, and has high hopes to use it to reduce signing time, as well as rectifying challenges along the process. The management board believe that with its various utilities, U-Services will transform the group’s working environment into a more professional and modern space, where all employees has access to technology with a fresh mindset and work attitude.

U-Services is a sophisticated digital transformation tool for businesses. With the product, data will be digitalized and input into the ERP system. This will eliminate the needs for complicated paper works, reduce approval time, and thus increase work efficiency.

Mr. To Trong Hieu and partners.

The product team is still working on further utilities for U-Services, including mobile-based digital signature and multishare to meet the demands of businesses with various partner companies. OCR utilities (Optical character recognition) to scan handwritings will soon to be added into the system. We can expect even further optimization for U-Services, for a more comprehensive result with higher competitive power in the market.

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