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IoT is known as a new technology trend for applications. In order to help developers to capture the latest knowledge, as well as to share and find solutions to IoT problems in practice, on January 13, 2018, the biggest IoT event – Vietnam IoT Day – will be held for all students, programmers, IOT startups, etc.

Vietnam IoT Day is an annual event aimed at building and developing the IoT community in Vietnam, being a place to meet and exchange knowledge of over 200 individuals and organizations from the Vietnam IoT community. Attending the event, participants will have the opportunity to listen to the sharing from leading experts in IoT field from Microsoft, FPT, VNPT, AVNET, VIIoT, Maker Hanoi, etc to update the latest knowledge about IoT ecosystem in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. At the same time, hands-on activities with experts in the afternoon will bring the latest experience and opportunities to receive fascinating gifts from sponsors.

Vietnam IoT Day will feature speakers who are  IoT’s leading experts: Mr. Le Nhan Tam – CEO of Smart Cities Lab, VNPT; Mr. Nguyen Khac Toi – Co-Founder IceTea; Mr. Jason Wong – Technical Manager – Avnet ASEAN; Mr. Le Quang Hieu – Founder of VietStack; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son – FPT Software Solution Consultation Architect; Mr. Tran Huu Cuong – Tech Lead Sero.AI, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – Head of IoT Department, FTI, FPT Corporation.

In the event, the speakers will share the different perspectives on current IoT ecosystems in the world and in Vietnam and especially the solutions of Microsoft, Amazon, etc. IoT in the project Intelligent City has been implemented. The specializing session about the contents of: VR/ AR/ Hololen Vive HTC; IoT Chain Ecosystem; Open source IoT / Docker; IoT Platform (AWS) and the Amazon Alexa ecosystem will help developers to learn more about their areas of interest, as well as to have a hands-on experience of the technology booths in each area.

In particular, within the event, the Hands on the part will take place in the afternoon. Here, attendees have the opportunity to interact practically and face-to-face with the knowledge being shared from the morning session, solving “on-the-spot” IoT problems in real application-making processes with consultation and support from experts.

Program Agenda:

TimeSpeaker Content
8.30 – 9.00Check-in
9.00 – 9.15Le Hong Viet – CTO FPTOpening Speech
9.15 – 9.45Hoang Minh Chinh –Microsoft Azure Technology Solutions ProfessionalSpeech 1IoT trend in the world
9.45 – 10.15Le Nhan Tam – CEO  Smart Cities Lab, VNPTSpeech 2IoT Landscape

Overview of IoT’s location and application trends in the establishment and development of services and applications in Smart City and Vietnam.

10.15 – 10.30Tea Break
10.30 –11.15Nguyen Khac Toi – Co-Founder IceTeaSession 1: Trend TechApplication of VR, AR, MR


Share about the basic concepts of VR, AR, MR for beginners to get familiar with this technology. Simultaneously demo the VR experience at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology running on HTC Vive, AR gate (Doremon Smart Door), application of VR on the phone.

Jason Wong – Head of Technical Department – Avnet ASEAN



Nguyen Duc Cuong –

Head of Technical Department – Avnet Viet Nam

IoT Chain Ecosystem

Introducing Avnet’s latest IoT solutions, including the IoT platforms from well-known vendors such as NXP, TI, Nordic, Microchip, and IoT ecosystems.


Design of Antenna for wireless connection

The basic guide to Antenna design for low power wireless products.

11.15 –12.00Le Quang Hieu – Founder of VietStackSession 2: Building BlockOpen Source: From software, firmware to hardware.

The sharing will go through some Open IoT platforms in Vietnam and in the world; OSS IoT eco-system: cloud/edge, container/microservice and IoT platform, IoT open source activities in Vietnam.

 Nguyen Ngoc Son –

Architect consultant of solutions FPT Software

IoT Platform (AWS)

Amazon Alexa ecosystem

12.00 – 13.30Lunch 
13.30 – 15.30Nguyen Khac Toi – Co-Founder of IceTeaHands-on 1Making VR/AR

Guide to make VR application on the phone, self-made VR video 360 from Youtube, see the memorial shots taken in panorama mode, make VR plane-shooting game on the phone, etc.

 Tran Huu Cuong – Tech Lead Sero.AIHands-on 2How to build Open source IoT
 Jason Wong – Head of Technical Department – Avnet ASEANHands-on 3BLE 5.0 and BLE Mesh with Nordic

Practice on North European BLE KIT 5.0 with two parts: BLE 5.0 and net BLE.

 Nguyen Ngoc Son –

Architect consultant of solutions FPT Software

Hands-on 4Ecosystem cloud platform

Azure IoT machine learning

15.30 – 15.45Teabreak
15.45 – 16.15DiscussionFuture of Vietnam IoT Community

Moderator: Le Ngoc Tuan

Speakers: Nguyen Van Toi, Le Quang Hieu, Jason Wong.

16.15 – 16.25Le Ngoc TuanConclusion

Vietnam IoT Day takes place from 8: 30-16: 30, Saturday (January 13, 2018) in Hanoi. The event is open to the public, promising to be a place for students and people interested in IoT to exchange, learn and together solve IoT problems in practice with the experts from FPT, Microsoft, VNPT, Maker Hanoi, etc.

Vietnam IoT Day

Time: 08:30 Thứ 7 – 13/01/2018

Location: Up Luong Yen Coworking Space, Floor 8, Building Hanoi Creative City, 1 Luong Yen.



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