AI application in education is the trend of the modern world, and Hanoi Star Primary and Secondary School had been quick to this trend. In its partnership with VioEdu, the school aims to bring forth a “smart learning” experience that is on par with international education.

Hanoi Star School – much like its name, is a dynamic, innovative, and esteemed school of Hanoi, which employs experienced teachers. Many students at the school had got scholarships in America and England; won gold medals at competitions like IMSO and World Scholar’s; achieved the special prize at Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools, along with high achievements in other fields. In its mission to bring a globalized Vietnamese education in the 4.0 age, the school also pioneers in applying AI in education through it partnership with FPT – the leading technology group of Vietnam, as well as with the online learning platform VioEdu, all for a “smarting learning” experience for students.

Experts have regarded AI as a crucial factor in the 21st century education. In fact, utilizing learning optimization from AI, millions of Chinese students are now using AI-integrated applications through programs like Squirrel, online learning platforms like 17Zouze, or even directly in the classroom. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also points out that AI is good for investment, especially among the field of educational tools. In Vietnam, Hanoi Star School had quickly adopted the AI trend via the utilization of the modern Edtech platform – VioEdu, which helps students reduce study time, while improving their results. As such, students will have more time for extra-curricular activities like sports, art, etc.

VioEdu’s official website display.

VioEdu is a Edtech-based platform that is suitable for K-12 students, with curriculum divided in accordance with Vietnamese textbooks. Exercises and tests also make use of new technologies with the integration of charts, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence, all for a personalized learning experience.

Lessons on VioEdu are tied closely with the curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, and are built by leading teachers and specialists at the Department of Education and Training, along with universities throughout Hanoi. Contents are carefully researched and developed to match individual grades, which shall assists students’ understanding of both basic and advanced knowledge, while also letting them practices. At the moment, VioEdu includes 300 video lessions, which covers over 100.000 topics.

With VioEdu, students will have a “learning assistant” always by their side, provide them with 1 – 1 learning and personalized study path, which counters their weaknesses and amplifies their strengths. The platform will lessen repetitive duties for teachers, thus they will have more time to pay attention to students’ individual preferences and growth. And this, shall be the norm in education of the 21st century: eliminating standardization and repetition, supporting creativity, proactivity, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

On the afternoon on August 9, 2019, VioEdu and Hanoi Star Primary and Secondary School had hold an official signing ceremony, symbolizing their collaboration and opening a new page to their mutual aim of achieving effective 4.0 education.

The signing ceremony between VioEdu online learning platform and Hanoi Star Primary and Secondary School.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT CTO, Head of VioEdu, had signified: “The AI technology of VioEdu can identify students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, and from which can suggest suitable learning path. It is also the first AI-integrated online learning platform for Vietnamese students.”

Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT CTO, Head of VioEdu.

After long periods of deploying, testing and evaluation, VioEdu can now achieve a 95% accuracy in indentifying students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, and had achieved great results: 73.8% students had shown clear improvement after using the system, as confirmed by teachers.

VioEdu can create distinctive learning path for different students, help reducing 30% study time by focusing only on necessary contents. It also issues reports for parents, teachers, and schools to supervise students’ process, as well as the efficiency of instruction and learning.

Phuong Thao

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