In celebration of Vietnam Teachers’ Day on November 20, VioEdu online learning platform offers the“Teacher appreciation” program, where people can get up to 30% discounts from November 16 to November 30 when buying learning packages on the system.

VioEdu is a smart online learning platform with AI integration, and can accurately detect students’ strengths and weaknesses during their learning. From these, the system can build appropriate learning paths for different learning abilities.

After 2 years of building and development, VioEdu was officially launched in the end of August 2019. At the moment, the product is receiving plenty attention from thousands of students, parents, and teachers all across the nation.

For students, parents, and teachers to gain easier access this most modern Edtech product of Vietnam at the moment, VioEdu had started the “Teacher Appreciation” promotion in celebration of the Vietnam Teachers’ Day, with up to 30% discounts when buying learning packages on VioEdu from 16 to 30 November. In more details:

  • The 6-month learning package is now 70,000VND per month
  • The 12-month learning package is now 56,000VND per month

Please notice that the above promotions are to be used separately from other present promotions (discounts, additional months…)

For parents and teachers interested in the smart Edtech product VioEdu for their children/students, please register for an account at:

Interesting experiences on VioEdu includes:

1. Exciting animation lessons:

VioEdu is distinctive compared to other learning products on the market, in that it includes a diverse and exciting material system. These contents are built by famous and specialized teachers, with video lessons following standard frames, as well as produced and edited by experienced animators.

Below is a video lesson on reducing to the same numerator for 5th grade students:

2. Smart learning suggestion system:

Via students’ practices on the system, VioEdu is quick to find challenges that students face. From there, it gives immediate evaluations on important skills for students to improve their problems, as well as makes suggestions for students to learn their challenged skills.

Then, the skills will be carefully evaluated by AI, and suggestions on skills that need improving will be made for students to pay attention to those in real classrooms.

3. Detailed and clear reporting system:

For VioEdu, reports and statistics are just bases for parents and teachers to know of the real problems, so that they can create probable solutions and specific learning plans for students.

All parents are concerned about their children’s education, and interested in helping them to improve. Now, with VioEdu, they can supervise the education and provide support whenever the need arises.

Parents can seek for more information in the Registration guide and Learning packing purchase guide.

For more information, please contact:

VioEdu Online education system

Address: FPT Group, 17 Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay Disctrict, Ha Noi



Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 1900 636 111

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