As many provinces and districts decided to cancel school due to the Corona outbreak, VioEdu will offer free use of its learning system for new accounts until the end of the disease outbreak.

VioEdu is the first AI-integrated online learning platform in Vietnam, and was developed by FPT Group. In order to support schools and students during the outbreak of nCoV virus, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – representative of VioEdu – had officially announced that during the disease outbreak, students across the nation will only need to register on VioEdu to enjoy for free many video lessons on the platform, which strictly follow the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education and Training. Therefore, students can easily catch up with missed lessons via theories teachings, exercises, homework, tests, and evaluations of their thorough performance.

For schools, VioEdu also quickly train and support many elementary schools around Hanoi like: Newton 5Elementary and Secondary School, Pascal, Ban Mai… to upload their lesson plans, utilize those on the system, as well as assign and check homework on VioEdu. Via the platform, teachers will also be able to evaluate students’ performance during self-study sessions, catching up with the learning progress issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.

VioEdu officials holding trainings to help elementary teachers know how to assign homework on the system.

Newton 5 Elementary and Secondary are the first to decide to use VioEdu for online teaching during Corona outbreak. Mr. Le Thanh Quan, the school’s principal, believed VioEdu to be a new system with effective functions in learning and teaching, proven of its capabilities after much experience of students and teachers from his school. VioEdu utilizes AI and consists of diverse and various lessons, helping to make learning more exciting, as well as act as a big data storage for teachers, so they can assign homework, perform tests, and categorize students. It also helps parents to track their children’s learning progress, offering plenty support for the schools, teachers, parents, and students.

Newton 5’s announcement of online learning

For a safe and comfortable learning environment at home, parents and teachers can register learning accounts on With the system, learning spirit is to be kept high even in the storm called Corona.

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