Recently, the online learning platform VioEdu, as the Vietnam representative in Education, had been extolled at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA 2019).

APICTA is the Oscar of the IT and telecommunication field in Asia-Pacific, where IT products, solutions, and services are honored for their contribution to the regional social development.

And here, VioEdu – an online learning platform developed by FPT, was the only Vietnamese representative to have received a commendation in the “Inclusion & Community Services – Education” sector.

Mr. Ly Viet Thang (fourth from the right) representing FPT in receiving the certificate from the organizers.

To be named at this honorable awards, the product had overcome various products and services, gone through evaluations by the judging panels made of 16 member nations, as well as had to meet strict criteria, including: superiority of the technology solution, breakthrough features, value to community, and so on.

To learn more or start trial of VioEdu, please visit the platform’s website.

VioEdu was officially launched in Vietnam at the end of August 2019, with the aim to support millions of children to learn more effectively via AI application, as well as to equip them with a robust knowledge foundation, ready for globalization.

The developer team had taken the adaptive learning principle as basis to build a suitable learning assistant product for each individual. With the help of the platform, students will be provided with high quality learning materials (lessons, practices, tests), so that they can learn proactively, and have their strengths and weaknesses detected for an individualized suitable learning plan.

Contents of lessons on the system strictly following the learning path established by the Ministry of Education and Training, and was developed by leading experts in Vietnam. The video lessons are deployed on a standardized structured, and are produced and edited by experienced animators. At the moment, the system consists of over 500 video lessons, cover over 100,000 knowledge points, with constant updates and completion.

VioEdu developer team at APICTA 2019.

VioEdu is also expanding its features to support teachers and parents in assisting students. Using the system, students can save 30-50% learning time, while teachers save 90-99% of time for making tests. Additionally, school can manage the learning and teach quality much easier, while parents can easily track their children’s learning paths.

With its commendation at the prized APICTA 2019, VioEdu had established its technological strength, and had become recognized at an international level for its usefulness to students in improving their learning efficiency in short periods of time.

FPT also received two more certificates aside from VioEdu, in particular for F Journey – a learning software on Minecraft built by the 7th grade students at FPT School, as well as for Hurry-up SOS – a rescue robot researched and built by the Robotic Club members at FPT High School.

APICTA is an international award for honoring excellent IT applications, products, solutions, software service… from the 16 member nations and economies, which help develop business domestically as well as internationally.

The 19th APICTA was recently held in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, and had welcomed 324 nominations in 5 major sectors: Consumer, Community Service, Industry, Business Service, Public and Government; 2 additional sectors of R&D and Startup; and 3 technology sectors on Big Data Analytics, IoT, and AI.

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Source: Dan Tri

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