On October 26, the launching ceremony of Violympic Contest in the 2018-2019 school year took place in Hanoi. In this school year, besides breakthrough innovations in the content and format of the contest, Violympic has been applied for the first time the 4.0 technology to build the competency assessment feature for candidates.

Attending the ceremony were representatives from Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) and local Departments of Education and Training (DoETs); representatives from Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences; the Advisory Board and representatives of FPT Group; sponsors, partners and more than 500 teachers together with many pupils from some elementary schools in Hanoi.

After more than 10 years of implementation, Violympic has become a familiar and prestigious playing field for millions of students in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The competition has become the cradle fostering the mathematical passion, as well as helped students get used to using the Internet and computers effectively in their studies. Moving to the 11th year, with the advantage of FPT Technology Group, Violympic will have changes in the direction of simplicity of form and quality of content, helping students learn more effectively.

Mr. Tran The Trung, Director of FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI) made a speech.

In this school year, Violympic is being completed the system and will put into operation the personalized learning function through the assessment of student competencies. The entire textbook knowledge will be divided into points, and the knowledge points will be linked together in the form of the skill tree. When students take the test, the system will use the performance results of exercises in each skill tree to assess the strengths or weaknesses of the student’s knowledge.

To ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the assessments, each exercise will be mixed different knowledge points and skills. It is only after many rounds or exercises that the system gives the final assessment as well as suggestions to help students improve their weak points. In short, the system will be implemented in Grade 4, 5, 11 and 12. Violympic is the first online contest to apply this modern technology to personalize the learning of students. In addition, the Violympic archiving system of tests and answers is also adjusted to increase security and fraud protection as well as to ensure fairness for all contestants.

With FPT Group’s investment in improvements of technology, this year’s contest has made remarkable progress, bringing new and interesting learning methods for students. The codified knowledge points and more visual and vivid presentation of the test not only help the students in self-assessment of their ability to add timely knowledge but also is a tool helping parents and teachers monitor and support the children.

Students attended the launching ceremony.

Still keeping the same subjects consisting of Mathematics in English, Mathematics in Vietnamese and Physics, Violympic includes 10 rounds in all subjects, of which the first 6 rounds are self-training rounds and round 7 to round 9 are rounds of grades and round 10 is the national round. In terms of the testing method, all grades and classes will be applied the form of contest consisting of two testing games and a climbing competition. The time of testing varies from 60 minutes per round to two levels, 30 minutes in self-training rounds and 45 minutes in rounds of grades. All contents of exercises in Violympic contest are sponsored by Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences.

With regard to prizes, students are ranked based on the total points and time spent on testing. Prize-students will be awarded certificates from Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences and FPT Group with medals attached. The value of this year’s reward in kind will also double compared to it of the 2017 – 2018 school year’s, from 112 to 140 prizes for the top 20 leading students of seven testing grades with a total value of more than VND 400 million.

With mission to develop a passion for learning for high school students, to clear the gap among regions and to help students in remote areas also have access to the high quality education and modern technology, Violympic has gone through the path of more than 10 years of effort, gaining more and more trust and support from parents, teachers and millions of students across the country.

Violympic is a national level competition on Mathematics and Physics on the Internet organized by FPT Group. The competition is for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 nationwide. To participate in the national round, the candidates must go through free rounds and rounds of grades. For more detailed information, please visit www.violympic.vn.

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